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ResLife Gift Poem

In In-Services on July 10, 2012 at 7:25 PM

RA Survival Kit

Eraser- To remind you that you’re not perfect- NO one in this world is. We learn from each mistake we make.

Rubber Band- To remind you to remain flexible and to stretch yourself to new limits!

Gum- To remind you that we are a TEAM and though it all we will stick together.

Milkyway- To remind you to always reach for the stars and follow your dreams!

Snickers- To remind you that laughter is the best medicine and that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously.

Cotton Ball- To help cushion any rough roads that may lie ahead of you.

Happy Face- To remind you that smiling is Contagious!

Play Dough- To remind you that you are helping to shape the lives of the residents in our building.

Starburst- To give you a BURST of energy on those days where you feel as though you have had enough!

Tootsie Roll- To remind you not to “bite off more than you can chew,” and that it’s ok to say “NO” sometimes.

(Gather the bolded objects and present them in a cute container along with this poem!)


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