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Bulletin Board: Changing Seasons

In Bulletin Boards on March 1, 2013 at 1:44 AM
Changing Seasons(Samantha Cassell)

Changing Seasons
(Samantha Cassell)

Overview: This board is a tree that changes with the seasons! It’s great for a large board that doesn’t need to change often and can be worked on over the course of a whole year.


Colored Paper: green, red, orange, yellow, blue, white

Large green and brown paper




For Summer/Spring:

Start by cutting out a big tree on a large sheet of brown paper. Make it a shape that will look good both covered in leaves or bare. Hang up the tree with some green grass for it to sit on. A blue background would look wonderful (we were out).

Cut out a ton of leaves. Two different colored greens look good. Fill up the tree!

For Fall:

Orange, red, and yellow leaves now. Put a few of them on the grass so it looks like the leaves are falling. You can get away with cutting fewer of them, so the tree looks a little bare.

So colorful

So colorful

For Winter:

Cover it all in white. The grass needs to be covered, there can be icicles hanging off the tree. Small scraps of white paper look like snowfall, or you can make fancy snowflakes if you feel like it!

My girls got to it before I did

My girls got to it before I did

Tree- Snow

The official version!


  • Make the leaves simple. You’ll be cutting out a lot of them, so a simple pointed oval shape is a good idea.
  • You can cut out leaves in your free time so that when you need more/different ones, you’ll already have a bunch!
  • Keep the leaves! If you only staple them once, you can reuse them when Spring rolls around again.

Credit: Samantha Cassell, Valparaiso University


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