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Door Dec: Movie Reel

In Door Decs on March 6, 2013 at 7:22 PM
Movie Reel (Mike Siano)

Movie Reel (Mike Siano)

Simple to make, pretty to look at, and easy to fit into any theme that goes with movies!


  • Black cardstock
  • White crayons/colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • Functional printer
  • Film ‘reel’ samples (Pixar Shorts example with font suggestion at end)
  • Rubber cement


Start by finding film reels to use; if you can’t find them by image search engine, use the Snipping Tool in your computer’s Accessories folder and snip parts from Youtube.  Paste each one, about the same size, into a single word document and resize them to about 4 inches across (see example).

Assuming each dec gets three film strips, print however many copies are needed.  Cut each movie frame out and rubber cement three alike frames to black cardstock.  Leaving room on either side, cut around the frames.  Now, fill in the area on either side with white film-catchers.

Lastly, print off residents’ names with a nice, relevant font (Charlemagne Bold used in example, being the Pixar logo’s font) and attach with adhesive.


  • You will be cutting a lot of things.  Invest in comfortable scissors or a hand masseuse beforehand.

Credit: Mike Siano, Valparaiso University


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