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In-Service: Untestable Qualities

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 Part 1:

  • Copies of the checklist (and other things)
  • Writing things

Part 2:

  • Colored paper
  • Copies of the staff-activity chart (also in the above link)
  • Writing things
  • Laminating machine (optional)


Note: General instructions for staff leader and discussion jump-points are inside attachment, pages 3 and 5.

After distributing the checklists to the staff, have them complete the ‘characteristics’ side (compassion, loyalty, etc.).  Once staff is finished, have them share one (or two or three, up to you) characteristics they marked off for themselves, and why.  After going around, have them turn their sheet over to another list, one of school subjects.  Mark off similarly: check off what they possess, skill-wise.

Discussion opens up from here.  Why did they know what to check off when presented with school subjects?  Grades?  People tell them they’re good?  Et cetera, go from there.  After, do the same principle with the characteristic side: how did they know they possessed those characteristics?  Did they get an A in compassion, or what?

Now discuss what sets the two checklists apart.  Further, why do we (or are supposed to) know who we are by the time we reach college?  What truly defines us: majors, job titles, or characteristics?  And what does the staff value individually?

This activity was formed on the basis that sometimes, as students, as Resident Assistants, whatever we may be, we forget what truly makes us amazing, and it isn’t our grades.  It’s the qualities and characteristics that we are never officially graded on, but that make all the difference in the world.

After discussion, have each staff member write down all names of their staff and one characteristic they relate to their coworkers (example: I, Mike, would write down a characteristic I found in my coworker, Christine, and each other coworker in turn, but not myself); this will serve as a reference at the next meeting.  Next time, the staff can come together with the charts (page 4), now adorned with what each person found in their coworkers, and they can write about why/how they find that trait in them.  If one has access, one can laminate the sheets for a more permanent keepsake.  Final discussion questions can follow.  And there you have it; a constant reminder of how awesome you are.  Enjoy!

Credit: Mike Siano, Valparaiso University


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