Resources for ResLife and Student Leaders


Q.) Can I use your ideas?

A.) Of course! This is a resource to make your life easier, so help yourself! Use anything you like in any way that helps you. You can print off entire boards or just use the list of ideas to inspire your own creation. If you are printing off boards based on articles, please do cite the original article. I’ll let you know in the post which ones these are. Finally, I would LOVE to get pictures and feedback for how these ideas worked for you! Please send them my way!

Q.) I have an amazing board/door dec/in-service idea! Can I send it to you?

A.) Yes! Please send it my way, the more ideas I have, the better this site will be. However, I can’t promise to use every idea that is sent to me and any idea you submit will become part of the master list of ideas for everyone to use at will. Also, as wonderful as your idea may be, you may not have thought of it first, so if someone else is cited, don’t get all grumpy on me. But don’t worry, every picture will be cited.

Q.) Ummm… How DO I contact you?

A.) Oh yeah, I guess that is important! 😛 Email me at with questions, comments, or submissions! Please include how you would like to be credited! (first name, last name, school?)

This blog is not associated with any college or university.


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