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Door Dec: Princess Heels

In Door Decs on January 17, 2013 at 2:52 PM

Princess Heels Door Dec


Colored Paper

Decorations (ribbon, flowers, lace etc)



Tape or Glue/Hot Glue Gun

Shoe Template


Cut out shoe template and trace onto colored paper. Decorate and add names!

Many Princess Shoes

So Many Princess Shoes!


  • Be creative, its surprising how much personality can be shown through different color/decoration patterns.
  • I used hot glue to put all my decorations on the shoes.

Credit: Christine Albain, Valparaiso University


Social Progam: Coloring Contest!

In Door Decs, In-Services, Social Programs on May 31, 2012 at 3:05 PM

Preschoolers only barely beat out college kids as the number one consumer of coloring books. Harness the obsession with crayons and childhood characters for a coloring contest!


Coloring Pages

Back of Coloring Contest Page


Print coloring pages with the due date and a place for the contestants name on the back. Judge them yourself (but don’t play favorites!), ask your staff to help you judge, or pair it with another social program and have your residents vote for the winner. Hang the winning picture in a place of honor in your hallway!


  • Consider adding a physical prize as an award to the winner.
  • Use the finished pictures to brighten your hallway.


Source: Christine Albain, Valparaiso University