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Ice Breaker: Blanket Showdown (Name Game)

In In-Services, Social Programs on February 12, 2014 at 3:50 PM


  • Large Blanket


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Divide your group in  half with two people holding a blanket up so that neither side can see the other. One member from each group walks up to the blanket (on different sides). On the count of three,  the blanket is dropped. The two players then race to see who can shout out the other’s name the fastest! The person who correctly calls out their name first is the wins and the loser then joins the team that won that round. Repeat until everyone has gone or until one team has all of the players.

Hints & Variation:

  • This is a good game to play after people have known each other for a little while or halfway through a training day.
  • You can also play with questions instead of names (ie. What building do they work in? What is their major? etc)